Fastest response GUARANTEED

ITRiver have a Same Day Response Guarantee*. If you call us before 12pm, we guarantee to respond the same day. If we don’t, we owe you lunch! Check out the conditions below for details.


ITRiver proudly offers a range of I.T. services including:

  • Business I.T. Support Services
  • I.T. Service Level Agreements
  • Microsoft Volume Licensing
  • HP Server Sales and Maintenance
  • HP Computer Sales and Maintenance
  • Data Backup Services
  • Sophos UTM Sales and Installation
  • Data Network Management
  • Website Hosting and Web Domain Registrations

ITRiver are focused on providing businesses with reliable and responsive I.T. services. Based in Grafton NSW, ITRiver can offer onsite services for the Grafton area, and remote IT services to anywhere in the world.

Information regarding PC repairs

Backing up data before repairs

ITRiver can make a full ‘disk image’ backup before attempting any repairs. This offers a level of data protection in case the repair process causes damage to data. There is a charge for this backup service and also a charge for restoring data if necessary. We advise customers that if you do not have a backup, data loss is always a possibility whether the PC is in for repair or not, and that data loss may have already occured before repairs take place. Data recovery is not always successful and because charges apply for data recovery, a backup is a better solution.

If you have a business PC which is not backed up, BACK IT UP NOW. And do it every day! ITRiver can assist you to create a backup system.

If you bring a PC in for repairs, and you do not have any backup, you should ask us to make a backup for you if possible.

Virus removal

Please see our information regarding virus removal.

Trading Times

ITRiver’s business hours are 8.30am-5pm Mon-Fri

After Hours

After hours and weekend onsite services are offered at the discretion of the attending technician. A surcharge applies.

Public Holidays

Public holiday onsite services are offered at the discretion of the attending technician. A surcharge applies.

* Our Same Day Response Guarantee conditions

The Same Day Response Guarantee applies to service requests made by business customers (ABN/ACN holders) in Grafton and South Grafton. Calls must be logged before Noon. ‘Response’ means either:

  • A technician attends onsite, or where this is not convenient for the client, books a site visit (applies to onsite callouts where remote access can not be used)
  • A technician calls to gain remote access to the affected computer (applies where internet connection is working and we can assist remotely)
  • A technician sets up the affected computer in our repair lab and does the initial triage process (For those computers brought into ITRiver)

The Same Day Response Guarantee does not guarantee that the issue will be fixed same day. This is certainly the goal and is the normal outcome, however certain problems require lengthy processes such as disk scans or parts to be ordered.

Our Same Day Response Guarantee provides a $10 lunch credit at Cafe 117 in Pound St, Grafton, for any person whose eligible service request is not actioned according to this guarantee.

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